Camelot Kindergarten Philosophy

At Camelot Kindergarten we value early childhood education as the foundation for lifelong learning. We believe that each child is an individual and should be viewed, respected and treated as such. We endeavour to create a “family-like” atmosphere in a safe and healthy environment and recognise the importance of providing a link between home, the Centre and the Community.

We believe that a child’s welfare and wellbeing is paramount. So we provide a Centre where the whole child is catered for in an interesting, nurturing and caring environment that fosters the child’s development and growth. We strive to build meaningful partnerships with our parents, extended family and the greater community.

Our centre is multi-cultural and we value the richness that all cultures can bring to our Centre, we value their contribution to our programs and everyday events. We endorse tolerance and inclusion for all children and strive to include all values in our Program. Educators are sensitive to and respectful of culture, religious and family beliefs. We are inclusive of children with special needs and adjust our programs and physical environment to cater for their individual needs.

We see Play as the basis of all learning in the early years. Our program is a reflection of the children’s interests and needs. We constantly update our programming to reflect the immediate but also the wider community.

The Centre provides educationally appropriate and stimulating programs to assist in the development of the whole child in their physical, social, emotional, cognitive, creative and moral growth. Indoor and outdoor experiences are provided in small and large group situations. We encourage the children to be aware of the natural environment around them and give them every opportunity to explore these ideas whilst recognising the need to ”reduce, reuse and recycle”. All these experiences cater for a child’s individual development and reflect current interests of the group or an individual child. We recognise the value of play on development. Research has found that children attain higher levels of achievement through engaging in play. Our Educators ensure that each child is supported in their on-going learning and developmental journey. This ensures that the children can transition to school smoothly and have confidence to succeed.

“Educators’ practices and the relationships they form with children and families have a significant effect on children’s involvement and success in learning. Children thrive when families and educators’ work together in partnership to support a young child’s learning” (Early Years Learning Framework 2010)

Our play-based curriculum can evolve and respond to the interests of the children, in a flexible accepting environment.

Our Educational play-based curriculum assists each child to build and develop (at their own individual rate with guidance and support by all educators):

  • confidence and curiosity and imagination
  • independence and self-esteem
  • respect for themselves and others
  • friendly and caring behaviour
  • their full potential both emotionally and physically
  • an understanding and appreciation of the rights and feelings of other people
  • an understanding and respect for our natural environment and an appreciation of environmental sustainability

When Educators’ establish respectful and caring relationships with children and families, they are able to work together to construct curriculum and learning experiences relevant to children in their local context” (Early Learning Years Framework, 2010)